The Open Public Records Act (O.P.R.A.) sets forth the procedure for obtaining public
records at the request of
If you wish to request a police report, please fill out the
O.P.R.A. Form and submit it to
Deputy Records Custodian Colleen Pursell.  

Requests can be submitted one of the following ways:

Pursuant to O.P.R.A., in most cases records will be released within seven business days
from the date the request is received by the Records Custodian.  Please ensure that your
requests are submitted accordingly.  All reports are released upon approval by the Chief of

If you have any questions regarding a request, please contact the Holland Township Police
Department at (908) 995-2804.

To see the entire O.P.R.A. Law,
click here

Cost of Documents: (Effective 11/09/2010)
$0.05 / page (letter size)
$0.07 / page (legal size)

Motor Vehicle Crash Reports:

Motor Vehicle Crash Reports can be obtained online by visiting LexisNexis click here

Copies of motor vehicle crash reports can also be obtained by submitting an O.P.R.A. Form.   
Please allow a minimum of five business days for reports to be completed.

If ordering by mail, reports are $0.05 for each page plus postage.  If ordering by mail, please
call (908) 995-2804 for prices before sending in a check.  An
O.P.R.A. Form is also required
for mail requests.

Copied on a CD $1.00 each

All requests will be charged at $0.05 per page plus postage.

Copied on a CD $1.00 each

Storage of Vehicle and Large Equipment:
All items held at the Holland Township Police Department upon proper notice to the owner(s)
that the items can be retrieved, must be picked up or retrieved within a ten day period from
notice sent by registered mail or storage will be assessed at the rate of $25.00 every
twenty-four hours of storage time.
Fax to: (908) 995-4612
 Mail / Drop Off to:   Holland Township Police Department
61 Church Road Milford, New Jersey 08848


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We value treating you with fairness and respect.

We value integrity in order to maintain the trust and respect of those who depend on us,
we will be honest and fair in all of our actions.

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