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Contact the
Dear Applicant,

The Holland Township Police Department 911 Coordinator uses GPS coordinates when assigning your
street or house number.    These measurements are standardized to assist emergency vehicles in quickly
responding to calls.  

In order to obtain a number for a new house on a township or county road, please submit the below
application with a site plan showing the house(s) and driveway(s) location for a private or public road. There
is no fee for obtaining a house number for a private or public road.  

Once your application has been submitted, the Holland Township Police will notify you of your new house
number or street name.  As the homeowner or contractor it is your responsibility to place your house
number conspicuously so first responders can easily see.  Clear and well posted house numbers will always
help emergency responders get to your home.

If you have any questions regarding this process please contact me directly at (908) 995-2804 ext. 221.


Sergeant Sean P. Gutsick
911 Coordinator