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If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1.
For Non-Emergencies that Require a Police Response

(908) 995-4670

This number is to be used if you have a situation that requires a police response but it is not of an emergent nature. Examples of
non-emergency situations include reporting an incident or crime which has already occurred, identity theft issues, filing a bad check
report, etc.

Regular Business

(908) 995-2804

This number is to be used for routine requests, to obtain general information or to leave a message for a police officer. When you
call this number, you will be greeted with an automated message which will allow you to enter an extension if known or choose from
a menu of options.
Department Telephone Numbers
Non-Emergencies / Dispatch
(908) 995-4670
Regular Business
(908) 995-2804
Office of Emergency Management
(908) 995-9629
To reach personnel , dial (908) 995-2804 and enter the extension at the prompt.
Chief John D. Harris, Jr. # 1
Sgt. Sean P. Gutsick # 2
(Internal Affairs)
Ofc. Michael D. Bent # 3
Ofc. Scott R. Heilig # 4
Ofc. Harry E. Hults, Jr. # 5
Ofc. Robert C. Davis # 7
Ofc. John A. Sadusky # 8
Ofc. Maria L. Dulmer # 9
Sec. Colleen M. Pursell
Personnel Directory
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