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                                  COUNTY ROUTE 519 ROADWORK

11/20/2018 -

As of November 20, 2018 the Anticipated Reconstruction Schedule of County Route 519 at Warren Glen
Hill Road is as follows –

2018 - Minor work at the bottom of the hill, traffic control will be a single lane with alternating traffic
during the day, when needed. Most of the work in 2018 is clearing in the area of the detention basin, so
the delays are expected to be minimal.

2019 - The major construction of the project will occur in 2019. The roadway will be fully closed and
traffic control will be a detour. It is expected to start in March and run for one construction season. After
the 2019 construction season, the roadway will be reopened but the project will not be completed.

2020 - The project will be completed during the 2020 construction season, expected to start in March
2020. Traffic control will be a single lane with alternating traffic during the day.

Full closure is not anticipated until March 2019 and will last one construction season (normally March –

We will continue to update the public regarding the progress of this project through social media and the
Holland Township Police Department / Holland Township websites. Additionally, Hunterdon County will
be updating their website –

Hunterdon County Department of Public Works Special Projects

11/19/2018 -

Construction will begin on County Route 519 at Warren Glen Hill Road starting this month.  However,
this construction will not cause any total road closures with the exception of the occasional lane closure
and will only be for tree work.

Our most recent information indicates that any major construction with total road closures will be around
Spring of 2019.  This however is not set in stone and the date may move further into the season.  

We will keep you up to date as we are in constant contact and have been meeting with Hunterdon

We welcome any questions from the public in regards to this by calling us (908) 995-2804.