Anyone with information about a  crime can contact the Holland Township Police at (908) 995-4670.

Residents are reminded that the use of a security camera is a good tool to dissuade a person from breaking
into your home; however homeowners should follow the following tips:

1. The camera should be connected to a recording device (VCR, hard drive).
2. The camera should be cleaned periodically (clean spider webs, bugs, dirt and dust from lens).
3. Check the camera for function and recording from time to time.
4. Mount the camera out of reach or in a secured case (wires also).
5. If the camera has a battery, change it often.
6. Most burglars can tell the difference between a fake camera and a real one. Camera prices have dropped
You can probably obtain a real system for a little bit more.
7. Consider three locations to mount a camera:
a. Front door
b. First floor windows
c. Back door
8. Check your recording device daily, you may have had someone attempt to enter the house but were

If you are a victim of theft or burglary, call the police department immediately
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